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Culinary Center Manager – K12:

Susie Berglund


Susie has over thirteen years of experience in the food industry with work ranging from start-ups, product innovation, product optimization, sensory evaluation, and recipe editing. At Land O’Lakes, Susie focuses on customer solutions through recipe testing and development, product analysis, nutrition evaluation and quality reviews. Susie navigates the ever- changing K-12 landscape by working closely with operators and staying focused on nutrition to create on-trend menu solutions for schools using Land O’Lakes products. She has been at Land O’Lakes since 2014.

What are you most passionate about?

I love coming up with creative uses for Land O Lakes® products to ensure schools have tools in their toolbox to offer nutritious and delicious food on their menus.

What is a piece of advice or insight you want to share with operators?

School foodservice operators have always been agile and quick to adapt. They get the job done. I want operators to know they can continue to lean on us as a reliable resource to identify or create new solutions for them when they feel like they are at a roadblock.

What is your favorite Land O Lakes® product and why?

My favorite product to use as a starting point for creativity and flavor is our Ultimate Creamy White™ Cheese Sauce. This is a great product because it is shelf-stable and can be served in hot or cold applications and carries different flavor profiles easily.

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