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Performance Dairy Can Help Your Staff Save Time and Reduce Stress

Take one less worry off your plate when you choose reliable ingredients for your menu. Our cheese products work hard, just like you’d expect from a valued member of your team.

Happy kitchen staff member with Land O Lakes® Performance Cheese Sauces by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center 04/25/2021

Meet Land O Lakes® Performance Dairy Sauces

Our cheese sauces work hard and won’t let you down when the going gets tough. These foolproof products are easy to use and prepare, freeing up your skilled cooks to work on other, more important tasks. These sauces can be heated right in the pouch, so throw them in a pot of boiling water or a steamer and away you go. No need to worry about watching a pot that can scorch at any moment, costing you precious time and valuable product. See how easy it is to handle in this video.

Increase Efficiency in Your Kitchen

As you’re well aware, skilled employees save you time and money. When you limit the food that goes to waste, you’re saving money on overall food cost while maintaining efficient practices, like knocking out prep and hustling out plates during service. These are jobs that our cheese sauces can handle, no sweat.

Loaded Nachos with Queso Bravo® Cheese Dip

We, at Land O' Lakes, take pride in our cheese sauces, knowing you can feel proud using them just like you would if you prepared them from scratch. We like to say that we’ve done the tedious part for you so you can focus on making your dishes exactly how you want them. Now, instead of worrying about your cooks making a time-consuming, skill-focused cheese sauce, they can spend their time adding the signature ingredients that bring your nachos or macaroni and cheese recipes to life. With the most difficult part of the task already done for you, quick preparation and consistency are no problem at all. 

By bringing ease-of-use, reliability, performance and versatility to your kitchen, Land O Lakes® cheese sauce will become your new favorite team member!

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