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Rene Marquis


Chef Rene Marquis has more than 30 years of experience in the professional kitchen working in hotels, restaurants, culinary education, catering and in the Military. Chef Rene has been with Land O’Lakes since 2023.


  • Certified Executive Chef - American Culinary Federation
  • Certified Culinary Administrator -American Culinary Federation
  • American Academy of Chefs Fellow -American Culinary Federation
  • Military Regional Director – American Academy of Chefs
  • Approved Culinary Judge – American Culinary Federation and WorldChefs
  • Culinary World Cup and Culinary Olympic Competitor - Gold Medalist

What are you most passionate about?

Every time I put food on a plate it’s a competition and if the plate comes back empty then you know you won!

What is a piece of advice or insight you want to share with operators?

The Pandemic has left the industry with a lot of holes to fill and most professionals just need to ask US Land O Lakes professionals to assist them in getting their menus, profits and establishments to the best level of quality that it can be.

What is your favorite Land O Lakes® product and why?

Extra Melt® American Cheese Loaf is my favorite because with the addition of Chorizo and Cilantro and some fresh tortilla chips I can make it a meal.

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