Land O’Lakes Culinary Sales Manager:

Josh Diekman CEC, CCA

Land O’Lakes Culinary Sales Manager:

Josh Diekman CEC, CCA


With over 20 years of experience, Chef Josh Diekman has a deep understanding of foodservice dynamics and a well-rounded view of the hospitality industry. Chef Josh has worked as an executive chef, food & beverage director, business development director and consultant. His passion for food, thirst for knowledge, and enthusiasm for sharing makes him a great resource both in and outside of the kitchen. Chef Josh has been with Land O’Lakes since 2018.


  • Certified Executive Chef, CEC, American Culinary Federation
  • Certified Culinary Administrator, CCA, American Culinary Federation

What are you most passionate about?

I enjoy learning and teaching new and creative ideas around all cuisine types, as well as sharing the history and authenticity of each cuisine. This helps with my own education and personal development. I love traveling internationally to experience different cultures and explore the way others live (and eat!).

What is a piece of advice or insight you want to share with operators?

My advice is to stay the course that keeps you passionate and motivated. Always be open and adapt to new ideas, even as things begin to return to normal. It’s never been more on-trend to market food and kitchen safety practices to your guests.

What is your favorite Land O Lakes® product and why?

My favorite Land O Lakes® product is constantly changing. Currently, I love the Ultimate Creamy White™ Cheese Sauce. From the K-12 portfolio because it’s extremely versatile. It can be used in so many different applications and concepts. It is a great product that gives kids a flavorful option in healthy eating.

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