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Beyond Individually Wrapped. Speed Scratch for Grab-N-Go

Expand your grab-n-go menu beyond individually wrapped items. When it comes to hot and cold grab-n-go service ideas, Land O Lakes® bulk products can be the unexpected answer to your kitchen’s needs. Our culinary experts have outlined recipes for inspiration using our Macaroni and Cheese, Mild Cheddar Cracker Cuts and Shelf Stable Cheese Sauces.

auther_image by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center

When it comes to grab-n-go, bulk items can often be overlooked for individually-wrapped products. However, bulk products like Land O Lakes® shelf stable cheese sauces, macaroni and cheese and other bulk items can be used for grab-n-go or even for an entree that needs to be sent home. By selecting simple, speed scratch recipes the creativity and versatility of your grab-n-go selections will soar.


Speed Scratch Recipe Inspiration for Macaroni and Cheese

By adding 1-2 additional ingredients, these Mac and Cheese recipes are easy to assemble and can be pre-portioned into to-go soup containers with lids that will hold well for service or transport.

Bowl of Mac and Cheese with Green Chiles | Land O'Lakes Foodservice
All American Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese | Land O'Lakes Foodservice
Fun Fact: This All American Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese recipe was selected as the overall favorite out of 30 recipes tasted by K-12 students at a recipe evaluation event!

Speed Scratch Recipe Inspiration for Shelf Stable Cheese Sauces

By using these bulk sauces in cold recipe applications, they are easy to assemble, portion and store for service.

Three Ingredient Queso Pasta Salad

Ultimate Buffalo Chicken Salad Bento Box | Land O'Lakes Foodservice

Ultimate Pimento Cheese Spread Bento Box | Land O'Lakes Foodservice

Other cold sauce application inspiration:

Italian Turkey Wrap Ultimate Cheese Sauce spread onto Whole Grain wrap + Deli turkey + Lettuce + Tomato
Southwestern Wrap Chilled Three Ingredient Queso Recipe spread on wrap + deli turkey +roasted corn +black beans
Pimento Chicken Wrap -  Pimento Cheese Spread Recipe spread on wrap + shredded chicken +lettuce

Speed Scratch Recipe Inspiration for Mild Cheddar Cracker Cuts

These recipes can be prepped and served cold or heated and kept warm for service. Wrap in foil after prepping for easy storage selection and the ability to heat quickly in the oven if desired.

Hot Ham and Cheese Slider with Cracker Cuts | Land O'Lakes Foodservice
Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders with Cracker Cuts | Land O'Lakes Foodservice

Other cracker cut slider inspiration:

Turkey and cheese
Roast Beef and Cheese
Italian Slider (Ham, salami and cheese)

We hope you found some recipes or recipe inspiration to add in your to-go/grab-n-go menu rotation!
Looking for more grab-n-go recipes and inspiration? Check out our K12 Grab-N-Go Recipe Collection or find inspiration with our Grab-N-Go Creations article. And as always, if you liked this article, be sure to leave a comment below letting us know what else you’d like to see from our team!

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