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Cold-Pack Serving Solutions for K-12

See how Land O Lakes® bulk dairy products can be pre-portioned and packed for cold-service meals.

Land O’Lakes Foodservice | Cheese, Peanut butter, Pita, Celery and Raisins bento kit by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center 04/14/2021

When you are searching for simple cold-service recipes or meal kit combinations for lunch and breakfast, generating new ideas can be difficult when you’re tight on time or have limited staff. The Land O’Lakes Culinary Center experts came up with ideas to help keep your menu fresh when you are limited to cold-service-only options. Click on the links below for the recipe(s) or use the images to inspire your own combinations!

Cold To-Go Recipe Collection

The following collection has 14 cold-service recipes that are ideal for an on-the-go scenario. Whether you are looking for recipes that use our cheese sauces, bulk cubes, shredded cheese or cracker cuts, we have recipe and inspiration solutions for you!

Land O’Lakes Foodservice | Chilled-Mediterranean-Pasta-Salad

Breakfast Recipes with Cracker Cuts

If you are looking for breakfast-specific ideas that need to remain in a cold state, check out our recipe collection featuring breakfast ideas with Land O Lakes® Mild Cheddar Cracker Cuts. This collection has seven recipe kit scenarios with completed nutrition ready to be placed in your menu rotation.

Land O’Lakes Foodservice | Fruit salad, cracker cuts, and roll bento box with skim milk on the side

BYO Lunch & Breakfast Concepts

Get students involved with their lunches by providing build-your-own concepts them to assemble their own meals. Hop on this trend by serving any of the following BYO kits that can be packed and held cold:

BBQ Chicken Pizza Kit

Land O’Lakes Foodservice | BBQ Chicken Pizza Kit with BBQ chicken, mini flatbread rounds, Land O Lakes® Ultimate Cheddar™ Cheese Sauce and corn, pepper and onion blend

Breakfast Burrito Kit

ALT TEXT: Land O’Lakes Foodservice | Breakfast Burrito Kit with Land O Lakes® Ultimate Cheddar™ Cheese Sauce, scrambled eggs, bell pepper and onion blend and whole grain tortillas


Ultimate Jalapeño Burrito Kit

ALT TEXT: Land O’Lakes Foodservice | Mucho Queso Burrito Kit with beef crumbles; corn, black bean and onion salsa; Land O Lakes® Mucho Queso™ Jalapeno Cheese Sauce; flour tortillas; and a side salad
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