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The Key to Keeping Students Fueled and Focused

We interviewed the Land O’Lakes culinary center to get their take on how campus dining services can keep students fueled and focused during this hectic time.

Comfort Foods by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center

The Key to Keeping Students Fueled and Focused

Believe it or not, the end of the semester is almost here. And for students across the nation, it can only mean one thing: finals. We interviewed the Land O Lakes culinary center to get their take on how campus dining services can keep students fueled and focused during this hectic time. The takeaway? Be prepared, don’t overthink it and always have food available. Plus, when you keep your kitchen stocked with Land O Lakes® Performance Dairy products, you’re already on track to conquer early mornings and late, late nights.

Prep to Plan

Our culinary experts have worked in their fair share of kitchens and know the demands finals season can put on foodservice workers. That’s why planning and preparation are the best things your university kitchen can do. By having a kitchen stocked with Land O Lakes® Extra Melt® Cheese Sauces, your staff will be set up for success. Speed-scratch will help cut down the need for prep and limit mess, saving time for your staff to focus on what really matters.

Don't Overthink It

Sometimes simple is best, especially when it comes to feeding hungry, tired students. Queue up comfort food that’s easy, portable and reheatable. From mac and cheese to chips and queso, any SKU from the Extra Melt® product line is great to have on-hand for quick, easy, cheesy and comforting dishes. If possible, our experts recommend having a little bit of everything on your menu, from snacky dips, fast and filling flatbread pizzas, easy takeout meals and lighter plant-forward options. That’s what our chefs love about Land O Lakes® products: They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in just about any application by just about anyone.

Keep the Kitchen Open

Between late-night cramming sessions and early-morning exams, students are looking for grub ‘round the clock. Think outside of just dining halls and cafeterias and bring the fuel to the students – try setting up in a campus union, outside a library or even in a dorm roomExtra Melt® products are highly portable and can be heated and prepared almost anywhere.

Prepare for finals season with Land O Lakes® Extra Melt® products and get more inspiration for menu ideas here.

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