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From cheese and sauces with reduced fat and sodium to smart snacks, Land O’Lakes offers products for every kitchen. And each one keeps the kitchen running smoothly with foods that enhance experiences.


Extra Melt<sup>®</sup>

Extra Melt®

Performance Cheese and Sauces with superior melt and hot hold capabilities.

Golden Velvet<sup>®</sup>

Golden Velvet®

Deliciously smooth cheese spreads and sauces that won’t scorch or separate (under normal handling conditions).

Alpine lace<sup>®</sup>

Alpine lace®

Reduced fat and reduced sodium cheese products that deliver great taste every time.

Kozy Shack<sup>®</sup>

Kozy Shack®

Delicious puddings, custards, and gels made with wholesome ingredients for a flavorful treat.


More Brands for you


Land O Lakes® But-R-Cups® Butter are individual portions of rich, creamy Land O Lakes® Butter in a convenient tabletop portion cup.

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Land O Lakes® Fanfare® Cheese Sauces offer a clean flavor and velvety texture in a 10# shelf-stable can.

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Hilldale® American Cheese Product is the versatile choice for flavor and value.

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Fresh Buttery Taste®

Land O Lakes® Fresh Buttery Taste® Spread combines the rich taste of butter with the favorable cost of a blend.

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Mucho Queso

Land O Lakes® Mucho QuesoTM Jalapeno Cheese Sauce is a shelf stable kid-pleasing protein available in pouch or individual cups.

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Land O Lakes® Readi-Pac® Cheese is available in convenient, ready-to-serve and interleaf-separated slices.

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Ultimate Cheddar

Land O Lakes® Ultimate CheddarTM Cheese Sauce is a shelf stable kid-pleasing protein available in pouch or individual cups.

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