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Limited SKUs? Unlimited Potential!

In this article, we explain how purchasing limited SKUs can maintain or improve your cost saving goals, as well as show you how five Land O Lakes® Products can be easily be used across your full menu.

C&U Mock Menus Banner | Land O'Lakes Foodservice by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center 09/21/2020

There is no doubt that reducing the number of SKUs in your storage allows you to better control costs and have more buying power. With the versatile products in the Land O Lakes® Performance Dairy line, you can do just that and maintain or even improve on your cost goals.

Cutting costs by purchasing more of one product 

When you choose Land O Lakes® premium cheese sauces to be the workhorse ingredients in your operation, not only can you rely on high-quality sauces that have a near-100% yield from the pouch, but you can also save money by taking part in rebate programs from Land O’Lakes Foodservice or your broad line distributor. You could even get case discounts as usage increases! Utilizing one line of products will help you manage your inventory better by keeping the number of SKUs in your cooler to a minimum. Low inventory = low food cost!

Elevate Your Menu and Ease Staff Workload

Our Extra Melt® Cheese Sauce and Queso Bravo® Cheese Dip will help you elevate your menu while easing the burden on your staff. These products are ready to use straight out of the pouch and can handle almost any ingredient you want to add. From high-fat to acidic ingredients, our products will perform consistently and are virtually unbreakable, giving you creative versatility and confidence in the kitchen. Combine that with excellent holding and reheating capabilities, and these sauces prove to be the workhorse ingredients you need in your pantry and on your menu.

Land O Lakes® Performance Dairy cheese sauces are a great addition to your product list to check off a lot of your menu needs and can help you and your staff create standout menu items to serve for takeout or dine-in services.

Check out our Weekly Menus

To show just how versatile our products are, our culinary experts created weekly menus for you to see how Land O Lakes® Performance Dairy cheese sauces can fit into all of your day parts, and how they can be executed in various recipe applications to meet the needs and tastes of your students. All the recipes featured can be found on


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