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K-12 Feeding and Serving Solutions in Response to COVID-19

Land O’Lakes wants to continue to partner with K-12 operators and support our customers during the current COVID-19 crisis. This resource page offers solutions for some of our shelf-stable products, our fully-prepared macaroni and cheese products and more.

by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center

You are a valued partner to us, and we want to continue to offer valuable solutions to you and your team that benefit the communities you serve. That’s why, in response to the current COVID-19 crisis, we’ve assembled resources we believe may be helpful to you during this time. Below you will find updated instructions on how to pre-portion items like our shelf-stable sauce pouches and fully prepared macaroni and cheeses. Additionally, we updated our instructions on how to safely and successfully heat our cheese sauce dip cups at home. We’ve also included instruction label templates that can be used to help inform families heating items at home.

We hope these resources help to streamline both prep and service as well as ensure student enjoyment. This is a journey and by working together we can make it better for our students and their families. Thank you for working so hard, we are proud to partner with you. #AllTogetherBetter

Land O’Lakes Pre-Portion Instruction Sheets:

  1. Pre-portion shelf-stable sauce pouches
  2. Pre-portion fully prepared macaroni and cheese

Land O’Lakes Heating and Handling Instruction Sheet:

  1. Heating & Handling Home Instructions – Land O Lakes® Cheese Dip Cups

Land O’Lakes Instruction Label Templates:

  1. Heating Mac and Cheese – Stovetop – LG Label
  2. Heating Mac and Cheese – Stovetop – SM Label
  3. Heating Mac and Cheese – Microwave – LG Label
  4. Heating Mac and Cheese – Microwave – SM Label
  5. Heating Cheese Sauce Dip Cups – Microwave – LG Label
  6. Heating Cheese Sauce Dip Cups – Microwave – SM Label
  7. Heating Aseptic Cheese Sauce – Microwave- LG Label
  8. Heating Aseptic Cheese Sauce – Microwave- SM Label

Have questions regarding these products? Please feel free to reach out to our team.

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