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Product FAQs

Butter and Spreads

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Can I freeze butter?
For best quality, store between 34-38 F. Store away from foods with strong flavors such as berries and onions.


If a print of whole butter is clarified in the kitchen, how much usable butter oil will it yield?
Only 65 – 70%. Instead of wasting a percentage of your butter, try Land O Lakes® Clarified Butter and use 100% of the product you paid for.


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At what temperature should my cheese be stored?

All cheese products should be kept under refrigeration at 35°F to 40°F (1.6 to 4.4° C). Once cheese is opened it must be re-wrapped securely to keep air out and moisture in. It is not recommended to freeze cheese.

We have extra cheese remaining. Can we freeze it?

We do not recommend freezing cheese because it changes the texture of the cheese, usually resulting in the cheese being crumbly. However, if the cheese has been frozen, thaw the cheese in the refrigerator. Frozen cheese is best used in cooking and baking applications. Please note that even if cheese is frozen, it should still be used before the expiration date that is indicated on outside of case or packaging.

How can I help prevent my cheese from getting moldy?
  1. Use clean cutting utensils, work surfaces, and new plastic film.
  2. Wrap plastic film tightly around the cheese, making sure the air is driven out.
  3. Use within 7 days, and before the expiration date.
  4. Store between 35 to 40° F (1.6 to 4.4° C). Warmer temperatures accelerate mold growth.


How can I make an easy “Queso” or cheese dip with Land O Lakes® cheeses?

Melt 2 pounds of Extra Melt® American Cheese (shredded or cubed) with about 2 cups of milk, water or unsalted stock. Use low heat and melt in a double boiler, steam jacketed kettle or steamer, scrape sides often. Additional ingredients, like chilies, onion and red peppers, spices or meats can be added. If using Land O Lakes® Golden Velvet® Cheese Spread, add half as much liquid. Adjust liquid amount to desired consistency.


How much shredded cheese does it take to equal sliced natural or process cheese in a recipe?

One cup of shredded cheese equals four ounces of natural or process cheese.

My recipe calls for 1 quart of shredded cheese. How many pounds of cheese is that?

Use 1 pound of cheese when the recipe calls for 1 quart of shredded cheese. Loaves of Land O Lakes® process cheese have marking on the loaf film for you to easily estimate pounds to cut off and shred.

How many ounces of Land O Lakes® Cheese Sauce do I need to use in a recipe to provide one meat/meat alternate?

All varieties of K12 specific Land O Lakes® Cheese Sauces provide one meat/meat alternate per 3-oz serving.


How many grams of fat are in Land O Lakes® natural cheese portions?

Our natural cheese portions have 9 grams of fat per 1-oz portion. The reduced fat natural cheese portions have 6 grams of fat per 1-oz portion. Light mozzarella string cheese has 3 grams of fat per 1 –oz. portion.

What is the difference between natural and process cheese?

Natural cheeses like Cheddar, Colby and Monterey Jack are made directly from milk. Process cheese is made from natural cheese that is blended and heated. Emulsifiers, which give a smooth and quick melt, are added to the cheese. Process cheese is pasteurized to keep the flavor constant, while natural cheese flavor develops with aging.

Macaroni & Cheese

  1. Usage


How many servings are contained in a case of Land O Lakes® Macaroni and Cheese?

Land O Lakes® Macaroni and Cheese comes ready to serve in six 5-lb pouches per case. Each pouch has a volume of 9 cups, for total volume of 54 cups per case. Six ounces by weight provides 2 meat/meat alternates and 1 oz eq grain. A scoop or spoodle measures product by volume, not by weight, so you need to measure a leveled scoop of macaroni and cheese and weigh the product to determine the portion size to serve. Land O Lakes® Test Kitchen staff has found that a leveled #12 scoop provides 3 oz. of macaroni and cheese by weight and a leveled #6 scoop provides 6 oz. of macaroni and cheese by weight.


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What is a “speed scratch” ingredient?

"Speed Scratch” means some of the preparation work has been done for operators, yet they can still add a few personal touches to get a “scratch/customized” result. This reduces prep time and possible waste and provides more consistent preparation.

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