Powerhouse Dairy Ingredients for Any Dish

We know that operators need to be agile, creative and efficient with their menus. That's why our Culinary Experts put together a mock menu to showcase the versatility of our dairy products, which are made with your kitchen in mind.

auther_image by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center

Land O’Lakes offers premium dairy products that can work across your entire menu. Let us help you deliver the amazing dining experience your customers expect while saving you time, labor and money.

Our products deliver high-quality performance that can take speed scratch to a whole other level. Whether you’re making a decadent reduction sauce using our Extra Melt® Cheese Sauce or developing a spicy-savory queso using our Queso Bravo® Cheese Dip, our dairy products can be the backbone of your menu and the powerhouse ingredient in your creations. With infinite versatility, these products can work across the entire menu and the entire day.

Let your creativity soar!

Our culinary experts have put together a mock menu to show you just how versatile these products are. Now more than ever, operators need to be agile and creative, and with these products, you can be just that.

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