Mild Cheddar Cracker Cuts: A Grab-N-Go Solution

Grab-n-go options have gone from being a fun alternate lunch or breakfast option for students to an essential executable lunch scenario. Learn how our Mild Cheddar Cracker Cuts can be a solution to your grab-n-go needs.

auther_image by Land O’Lakes Culinary Center

Trend research shows that grab-n-go lunch options were on the rise pre-COVID-19 because of variety and efficiency during a short lunch period(1). In light of the current pandemic, grab-n-go options have gone from a fun alternate lunch or breakfast option for students to an essential executable lunch scenario.

Land O Lakes® individually-wrapped and bulk cheese products are an ideal solution for a variety of service scenarios. Our bulk-packed Mild Cheddar Cracker Cheese Cuts are perfect for both hot and cold grab-n-go options depending on what works for you and your staff. Recipes like the Ham and Cheese Sliders or Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders are great hot or cold and are an efficient assembly-line execution back-of-house.

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sliders

If you have bento boxes available for service, the Mild Cheddar Cracker Cuts are pre-sliced, easy to separate and stacked with interleaf for quick, easy portioning. It’s easy to pair 4 squares (1MMA) or 8 squares (2MMA) with assorted fruits, vegetables, grains, and another protein if needed. Kids can stack with crackers or make mini flatbread sandwiches on their own. For more bento ideas using Cracker Cuts and other Land O Lakes® products, check out our Bento Box Inspiration article.

Bento Box Inspiration


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