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Create Craveable Dishes To Go

Customers want the world delivered to their doors. That means more delivery and takeout options that taste as delicious as they do in your restaurant. Chef Michael Terry of Land O’Lakes shares his ideas on how to create consistently scrumptious to-go meals that are customers’ go-to choice.

auther_image by Land O'Lakes 09/06/2019
Today’s consumers crave convenience. More than that, they expect it. This includes enjoying their favorite dishes whenever and wherever they want. Without waiting and without compromise.
This shouldn’t be a surprise. Delivery and takeout have grown 33% since 2012.1 And we expect that they’ll keep growing. Quickly.
But giving customers what they want isn’t just about making food easily available. You have to make sure it tastes and looks really good. Every dish, every time. If you don’t, customers might look for other restaurants that do.
From your kitchen to customers’ doors, Land O’Lakes Foodservice is ready to help you bring takeout and delivery to new levels. Take our Land O Lakes® Extra Melt® Cheese, for example. It performs like no other, is easy to work with and stands up in transit. Beyond our leading performance dairy products, you can count on our team to help bring on-trend ideas into your kitchen.
Michael Terry, corporate chef and culinary sales manager at Land O’Lakes, shares a few ways you can use Extra Melt® Cheese to deliver quality dishes across your takeout and delivery menus.
1. Top your most popular dishes with delicious consistency.
Not all cheeses are made to melt down into a smooth, creamy sauce, especially for to-go items. In the case of nachos, “You can put Extra Melt® American shreds on top of the nachos right when you’re closing the to-go container, and the residual heat from the food itself will help to melt the cheese by the time it arrives at its destination,” says Terry.
2. Get creative and expand your to-go menu.
Dishes that were previously risky to include on delivery menus can be a possibility with Extra Melt® Cheese. “Shreds work well not only for nachos, but also in a filled entrée item like an enchilada,” says Terry. “Sauces work beautifully for macaroni and cheese or other cheesy pasta dishes. Loaves provide even more versatility because you can slice, cube or shred them,” he adds. Extra Melt® Cheese comes in four varieties, giving you lots of options.
3. Simplicity, elevated.
“Extra Melt® Cheese is a virtually unbreakable base that is easy to customize. You can stir in meats, tomatoes or even alcohol without it separating,” says Terry. It gives staff confidence in their recipes, saves time and gets dishes out the door more quickly.
4. Prepare these dishes to pass the to-go test.
You can use Extra Melt® Cheese to create a range of dishes that’ll travel well between your kitchen and customers’ doors. Here’s a sampling:

Queso With Extra Melt® American Cheese and Charro Beans

Beef and Blue Hoagie With Extra Melt® Cheese Sauce

Beef Enchiladas With Extra Melt® White Cheese Sauce and Extra Melt® American Shreds

Give customers what they want with consistently delicious to-go dishes. Delivery or takeout, you can count on Land O’Lakes Foodservice and our Extra Melt® Cheese products to help you deliver on every order.
Visit our restaurant page to see more recipes, products and menu ideas from Land O’Lakes Foodservice that can help you deliver craveable dishes that will keep both your sit-down and to-go customers coming back.
1. NPD Group, Foodservice Market Research, 2016.

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