Land O Lakes® Cheese Sauces Are Made to Perform

Not all cheese sauce is created equally, and Land O Lakes® Performance Dairy cheese sauces rise above the rest. Let’s explore how with chefs Billy and Chris.

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When people think of cheese sauce, they often think of the gloopy nacho sauce that comes out of a pump, which raises the point: not all cheese sauce is created equal. At Land O’Lakes, our Performance Dairy cheese sauces are packed with Cheddar cheese and rise above the rest. As Chef Billy Kalil, our in-house commercial foodservice product specialist puts it, “It’s not wizardry. It’s just a great sauce.”   

When creating our Extra Melt® Cheese Sauce, we start with blocks of Cheddar cheese to make sure each pouch is packed with that delicious cheese flavor you’re expecting. In fact, our Performance Dairy cheese sauces contain 50% Cheddar cheese per package, which is more than typical canned and in-house béchamel sauces.

Using cheese just comes naturally to us since we’re a cooperative owned by dairy farmers. “This really separates us from the crowd,” Chef Billy explains. We value the dairy in our products because it not only makes for a better product. In the end it’s helping the farmers, and that’s what we’re all about.

In addition to their cheesy goodness, the Performance Dairy cheese sauces are also formulated for ease in the kitchen. They deliver consistent cheese sauce batch after batch, can withstand long hold times and reheat in a snap. These cheese sauces are virtually unbreakable and won’t get oily and grainy no matter what’s added to them or how they’re prepared. In addition, they can be heated in about 15 minutes, which not only saves time but allows for worry-free creativity when creating your menu.  

Looking to learn more about Land O Lakes® Performance Dairy cheese sauces or try them out for yourself? Head to our  products  page to compare our different flavors and get some of our favorite Performance Dairy recipes. 

To watch our chefs in action, join Chef Chris and Chef Billy as they give you a further look at our quality cheese products and how they’re made: 

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