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Students, professors, staff, and events have one thing in common—the desire for food that tastes delicious while being socially responsible. Land O’Lakes® is committed not only to great tasting dairy, but to providing it sustainably while supporting local and global communities.

get greatperformance

The Land O’Lakes® Performance Sauces live up to the standards of any kitchen. They offer consistency and versatility across your menu. Watch and see.


Owned by Farmers.
Dedicated to Sustainability.

Our farmer-owned cooperatives provide quality products through sustainable practices. This collaboration creates a local to global impact and helps you deliver delicious dishes.



Land O Lakes® Extra Melt™ Shredded Cheese delivers a rich, creamy taste and smooth melt. Watch and see.

smart and sweet

Kozy Shack® Puddings and Gels are made with minimal ingredients and provide Kosher, gluten free and sugar free options, perfect for everyone on campus.


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