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Foodservice Products

Q Can I freeze butter?
A Butter can be frozen in its original carton for up to four months from the time of purchase. To protect the delicate flavor of butter, wrap the carton in aluminum foil or in an airtight, resealable plastic freezer food bag before freezing. Once the butter has been thawed, it should be used within 30 days. We do not recommend freezing our Country Morning® Blend Margarine products, our whipped products or our portion control Butter/Spreads cups.

Q How much butter is in Country Morning® Blend?
A Country Morning® Blend is 40% butter and 60% margarine, a good butter flavor with a lower and more stable price. Use it just like butter (except for laminated doughs and candy).

Q Which enzymes does Land O'Lakes use when producing cheese?
A The enzymes used for producing our natural cheeses come from a microbial (non-animal) source. Process cheeses could be made with microbial and/or animal-derived, flavor-producing enzymes.

Q Can I freeze cheese?
A We do not recommend freezing cheese because it changes the texture of the cheese, usually resulting in the cheese being crumbly. However, if the cheese has been frozen, thaw the cheese in the refrigerator. Frozen cheese is best used in melted applications.

Q What is the most effective way to use Golden Velvet® Cheese Spread?
A Golden Velvet® Cheese Spread is a cheese spread with higher water content than other cheeses. Because it is soft, it is difficult to slice or shred. The best way to use it is to break up the loaf and melt with water or milk for a creamy cheese base for dips, sauces and soups.

Q Is cheese a good source of nutrients?
A The dairy group, which includes cheese, is one of the five major food groups. Foods from this group are essential in your daily diet for health and good nutrition. Cheese is a complete protein like meat, and is an excellent source of calcium.

Q What is the difference between natural and process cheese?
A Natural cheeses like Cheddar, Colby and Monterey Jack are made directly from milk. Process cheese is made from natural cheese that is blended and heated. Emulsifiers, which give a smooth and quick melt, are added to the cheese. Process cheese is pasteurized to keep the flavor constant, while natural cheese flavor develops with aging.

Q Why is Cream Sauce Base referred to as a base?
A A base is a foundation used to create finished soups, sauces and gravies that allow for customization by the operator. This is how Cream Sauce Base should be used. It is not meant to be a sauce by itself, but a base for many uses in the kitchen.

Q How much Cream is actually in Cream Sauce Base?
A Cream Sauce Base is 94.7% cream.

Q Why should I use Cream Sauce Base in my operation?
A There are many reasons to use Cream Sauce Base. A few of our favorites include:
  • It is highly resistant to breaking and burning, and holds well for long meal periods.
  • Its versatility allows for use in all menu parts.
  • It withstands multiple heat-chill cycles well.

Q The Cream Sauce Base package calls it a speed-scratch ingredient. What does that mean?
A "Speed Scratch” means some of the preparation work has been done for operators, yet they can still add a few personal touches to get a “scratch” result without the “scratch” effort. Chefs commonly purchase cream (heavy or whipping) and cook off the moisture to concentrate the flavor and thicken it. Cream Sauce Base is already reduced, so chefs can skip this step. This reduces prep time and possible waste and provides more consistent preparation.

Q Is Butter Sauce Base made from butter?
A Yes, that’s why you get the great butter flavor -- and it is not just any butter. It is made with the same Land O Lakes® Butter your grandma cooked with on the farm.

Menu Planning

Q My recipe calls for 1 Quart of shredded cheese. How many pounds of cheese is that?
A Use 1 pound of cheese when the recipe calls for 1 Quart of shredded cheese. Loaves of Land O Lakes® process cheese have marking in the loaf film for you to easily estimate pounds to cut off and shred.

Q If a print of whole butter is clarified in the kitchen, how much usable butter oil will it yield?
A 65 – 70% (What do you do with the rest?)  When you use Land O Lakes® Clarified Butter, you are using all 100% (99.6) that you pay for.

Q When replacing cream in a recipe, how much Cream Sauce Base should be used?
A Use 50% Cream Sauce Base when replacing cream in a recipe, and add additional water to attain the consistency needed.

Q How can I make an easy “Queso” or cheese dip with Land O Lakes® cheeses?
A Melt 2 pounds of Extra Melt® American Cheese (shredded or cubed) with about 2 cups of milk, water or unsalted stock. Use low heat and melt in a double boiler, steam jacketed kettle or steamer, scrape sides often. Additional ingredients, like chilies, onion and red peppers, spices or meats can be added. Check out Queso’s in our Cheese Sauce recipe section. If using Land O Lakes® Golden Velvet® Cheese Spread, add half as much liquid. Adjust liquid amount to desired consistency.

Q What are some common ingredients in your kitchen that can be added to Land O Lakes®  Butter Sauce Base to make a terrific sauce?
A Butter Sauce Base can be enhanced by adding a variety of ingredients, including dill, shallots, pureed raspberries, sugar, steak sauce, chopped parsley or roasted garlic.