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Our Farms

Where milk comes from matters.

Quality starts at the farm with the dedication of every farmer in the Land O'Lakes cooperative - and that's the way it has been for over 90 years. Our 3,200 farmer-owners are committed to efficient, sustainable, environmentally conscious farming practices and to delivering the highest possible quality. As a farmer-owned cooperative we deliver a long-range, multi-generational business perspective and a strong and stable partnership to support your business long term. We are now a vertically integrated national cooperative encompassing all elements from farm to table.

Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods accounts for a large portion of our total business. We currently handle and process 13 billion pounds of milk from our farmer-owners each year. Sourcing from our farmers has tremendous benefits when it comes to maintaining a consistent level of product quality and guaranteeing our plants have a constant source of high quality milk – the most important ingredient in our products. This has helped create one of the industry’s strongest and most trusted brands, with unmatched awareness, recognition and good will.

Ag Services

Helping farmers produce more food using fewer resources in an increasingly sustainable manner lies at the heart of what we do at Land O’Lakes. Our commitment also includes a dedication to responsible practices in key areas of our business including: resource management, animal care, sustainability, product quality and safety, supply chain integrity and workplace environment.

Our agricultural resources have grown to include:

  • Winfield Solutions, the #1 distributor of crop protection products and third largest farm seed business (including Croplan Seed and the Answer Plots program).
  • Purina, the #1 brand in livestock and lifestyle feed and the industry’s leading animal nutrition center.

Global Focus

Foremost is our commitment to addressing the challenges of global food security, helping to alleviate hunger as the world population expands at an unprecedented rate. Our industry must produce about 70 percent more food in the next 50 years to meet the world’s soaring nutritional demands. At the same time, natural resources and arable land are shrinking.

Our responsible business commitment is further enhanced by the Land O’Lakes Foundation, funding programs to address such issues as hunger, education and civic vitality. This work helps make our communities better places to live and work.

The impact of Land O’Lakes’ corporate responsibility also reaches around the world through the International Development Division (IDD). During its 33-year history, more than 275 IDD projects have benefited tens of thousands of vulnerable households in Africa, Asia and the Middle East by building partnerships that generate economic growth, improve health and nutrition and alleviate poverty.

As we accelerate our company’s expansion to meet the expanding global needs of agribusiness and food production, we look forward to enhancing our business platforms for an even greater impact in the coming years.

Our Plants

Safety, Quality, and Service Matter

Land O’Lakes is an organization committed to quality, service efficiency and innovation.

Our Quality Promise

At Land O’Lakes, our quality promise goes beyond supplying rich, flavorful dairy products. It’s about an ongoing commitment to food safety and consistent, wholesome product quality. Furthermore, we have assembled world-class food safety, quality and regulatory teams to bring hands-on knowledge to every step of the supply chain. Our leadership team, with approximately 140 years of experience, has industry-renowned expertise in HACCP and microbiological testing –and many have cross-functional backgrounds (operations, R&D development) which allow them to work more effectively both internally and with our customers. These teams set standards and develop quality systems to assess risk, verify compliance to quality programs, train employees, and act as guardians of our brand and reputation. We know that ensuring product quality and food safety is the single greatest responsibility we have to you.

High Quality Inputs

As a farmer-owned cooperative, we manage the most important ingredient in our products – the milk. Our farmer-owners supply milk that not only exceeds state and federal quality standards, but also passes the stringent requirements held by the European Union. To make sure our milk meets only the highest possible quality standards, we employ field representatives to monitor the milking process at the farm. By controlling our dairy inputs, we ensure a consistent level of excellence for our products – which is key for your business.

Our Services

Business support and innovation matter.

You want a partner that works hard to help build your business. Land O'Lakes has the expertise and capabilities to help you succeed in the competitive, ever-changing world of foodservice.

Monthly Dairy Market Webinars

We deliver convenient web-based seminars on a monthly basis to provide you with up-to-date expert information on current market drivers and factors affecting the dairy markets. In addition to giving you a comprehensive understanding of U.S. butter and cheese markets, these webinars provide a valuable forum for you to ask questions and learn more from the Land O’Lakes commodity experts. Key topics include:

  • Market Pricing
  • Market Drivers
  • Trends
  • Status of Dairy Product Inventories
  • Commodity Futures
  • International Prices

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Your Table

Brands and insights matter.

The LAND O LAKES brand represents our 90-year heritage as a farmer-owned cooperative and unmatched reputation for high-quality, natural and flavorful dairy products. With a 99% awareness and 85% usage rate, our brand can be leveraged to help build patron loyalty, increase traffic and boost check averages to support your business growth.

Our Heritage Helps Build Your Business

The LAND O LAKES brand has been part of cherished family traditions and memorable food moments at home for generations. Our brand delivers the goodness of real dairy to your patrons, while also helping streamline your back-of-house operation. With our heritage of quality, strong brand awareness and an unmatched reputation for delicious dairy products, the LAND O LAKES brand on your table or menu instantly communicates simple goodness, made simple.

Quality Commitment

As a farmer-owned cooperative, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence with a tightly-controlled supply chain to ensure the fresh taste and premium quality that have come to define the LAND O LAKES brand. Serving LAND O LAKES® products shows your patrons that they are being served the very best